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Mentorship-Scholarship Program


A thriving, impactful mentoring program and scholarship funding is is coming your way on September 28! The HIMSS NCA chapter has combined the student Mentorship and Scholarship programs into one program.  The purpose of this combined program is to foster dialogue about the continually changing professional landscape of Health Informatics and Health Information Technology and prepare students to enter the job market. The program is also open to HIMSS members who are seeking career changes and would benefit from the experience of other professionals. Additionally, the program seeks candidate applications for scholarship awards.  Given the continuing challenges of COVID-19, we also have made some adjustments to how we will run the program this school year. The program will run from October 2023 to May 2024.


Operational Requirements

Participants must have a way to attend virtual meetings and webinars – preferably on camera.

Able to attend a minimum of three (3) HIMSS NCA Chapter meetings  (at the LMI offices in Mclean, VA) or other chapter events. Information on chapter meetings/events can be found on the HIMSS NCA website:

Able to participate at in-person event: (1) Kick-off pairing event (October 2023), (2) mock Job Fair (April 2024), and the end-of-year ceremony (May 2024). The mock Job Fair is especially important as it allows you to meet directly with organizations seeking Health Informatics and Health Information Technology graduates.


Mentorship Program Information

The HIMSS-NCA Mentorship program pairs one working professional (the “Mentor”) with one undergraduate or graduate student (the “Mentee”).  The mentees are students majoring in healthcare informatics or health information technology-related fields at local colleges and universities.  Our vision is that each mentor-mentee relationship advances real-world health IT understanding, promotes alumni engagement, and enhances students’ understanding about career opportunities. In a few hours per month, you will create lasting relationships that enrich your professional life, even after the program ends.

As a mentee, you will prepare a resume, conduct practice interviews, and learn about industry trends by attending HIMSS meetings and webinars. In April 2023, we intend to schedule a mock job fair with companies from the area seeking your skills.  You will also learn about internship and job opportunities during the program.

As a mentor, we ask that you connect with your mentee regularly, review your mentee’s resume, offer interview advice, and meet monthly virtually throughout the program period. You also need to attend regular HIMSS events (virtually) as often as you can to be able to discuss pertinent topics with your mentee. The program is free for students and professionals, who are changing careers (to a Health-IT-related field), and mentors who have an active HIMSS membership.


Mentee and Mentor Eligibility:

Mentees must be Junior/ Senior Undergraduates or Graduate students in informatics or health IT programs who can commit to the program objectives and goals (application process) and are willing to meet at least four times with their mentors at a mutually conducive time.

Mentees and Mentors must be current members of the HIMSS-NCA chapter. Student membership is $39.



Mentorship-Scholarship Information Webinar Date: Thursday, September 28th; 7:00-8:30pm


If you are interested in participating in the Mentorship Program, please provide your name, email address, phone number and "why you are interested in the program?" to both Jasmine Kaur [Mentee Lead] at email:; (940) 224-8805 or Raj Mayur [Mentor Lead] at; (703) 789-3667. We will follow-up with potential mentees and mentors with specific webinar information.


Scholarship Information

The HIMSS-NCA chapter intends to award scholarships annually to students studying in the health management, health information or information systems management field.  Scholarships awards are based on academic achievement and participation in health information or information systems management industry.  HIMSS NCA intends to award scholarships to one student in three separate degree programs:


Degree Program Scholarships

  • Graduate Program Scholarship
  • Undergraduate Program Scholarship
  • Associate Program Scholarship


Scholarship Eligibility


Selection Criteria

  • Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:
    • Meets or exceeds grade point of 3.0
    • Quality of recommendations
    • Quality of essay
    • Professional achievements
    • Membership and participation in the HIMSS-NCA chapter


Mentorship-Scholarship Information Webinar Date: Thursday, September 28th; 7:00-8:30pm



If you are interested in learning more about HIMSS-NCA scholarships, please provide your name, email address, phone number and "why you are interested in the program?" to Cindy Crump at

We will follow-up with students with specific webinar participation information.