National Capital Area Chapter of HIMSS

HIMSS NCA is a chapter of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We are formally known as the National Capital Area (NCA) chapter. HIMSS NCA is the only Federally Focused Chapter of HIMSS. Our chapter currently consists of over 850 members who are passionate about health information management and the technologies that drive health information technology innovation.

About HIMSS NCA The National Capital Area Chapter of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS NCA) has a diverse membership. Our members represent hospitals, managed care organizations, integrated delivery systems, non-profit healthcare organizations, as well as government agencies such as the Military Health System, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Health & Human Services.



HIMSS NCA's mission is to promote professional approaches to the development, operation, and improvement of healthcare information management systems that benefit the local healthcare community while working collaboratively with the HIMSS National.



HIMSS NCA's vision is to support the region's federal and commercial healthcare information technology and management professionals through timely, focused programs that explore current issues important to our members. For more information about our Chapter, please email


Past Presidents

2021-2022 Ann Wolford-Connors

2020-2021 Darryl Roberts

2019-2020 Nick Crismali

2018-2019 Michael Feeser

2017-2018 Laura Bennett

2016-2017 Diana Ceban

2015-2016 Barry Dickman

2014-2015 Tony Meyer

2013-2014 Marcia DeFalco

2012-2013 Ann Kenny, RN

2011-2012 Peggy McShane

2010-2011 Robert McCashin

2009-2010 Ken Bodenheimer, CPHIMS

2008-2009 Carol Miller, RN, Senior FHIMSS

2007-2008 Patricia MacTaggart

2006-2007 Steve Erd

2005-2006 Dave Clark

2003-2006 Pete Williams